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Tired of Paying too Much for Razors and Blades?


Shaving supplies costs are on the rise. You’ve probably already felt the sting of the jump in razor prices lately. There are better and more cost effective solutions for hair removal that don’t involve buying retail products. You deserve to get more from a retailer instead of an occasional coupon. If you’re tired of paying too much for razors, you can benefit from having these shipped to you monthly for $1 or less.

The cost of steel is rising in the U.S. market. Most of the steel used to produce razors is imported from other countries. This is only one factor figured into rising shaving costs. The good thing about having access to a monthly shaving club is the set it and forget it benefits. You only need to arrange your account with how many razors you think you’ll need. The rest is done for you. The popularity of buying hair removal products for only a buck is growing in North America.

Never Pay Retail for Dual, Triple or Quadruple Blade Razors Again

Getting 30 shaves a month for a dollar is pretty sweet deal. You don’t have to worry if the razors you’re using are dull. The package deals that are offered provide up to 30 razors a month to give you the most benefits. These aren’t just razors for men. Many women make use of the blades types that are offered. What’s most important is consistency in receiving replacements. The razors that are sent for just a buck a month are on a timed schedule. Never again will you have to pay separately for a straight razor.

You own it to yourself, your face, chest, arms or legs to do something about your razor problem. You can keep making retailers rich by paying upwards of $50 a month buying name brand razors or do something to change it. There aren’t too many resources that are available in the U.S. that give such a great personal care products value. The shaving discounts for men and women that are now offered are exclusive to this website. Take the time to study the offer and you’ll be happy you made the right decision.